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Premium Outdoor Gun Shooting Tour in Los Angeles

Never shot a gun before? Our certified firearm instructor invites you to join us for this brand new experience in a safe and friendly environment!



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Outdoor Shooting Experience

Join us at one of the best outdoor shooting ranges in the beautiful Southern California suburban. We can enjoy the outdoor shooting environment, with fresh air, lots of space, less noise, and comfort for your entire group.


*We will determine which range to go depending on the range availability. Shooting ranges are usually 40-60 minutes from Downtown/ West LA, depending on traffic. 


Outdoor shooting range
Skeet shooting
Sniper shooting
Skeet shooting

Guns, Unlimited Bullets, & All Other Accessories

Shoot what you love, or try them all!​​

  • Pistols: Semi-automatic (9x19 mm)

  • Long gun: Semi-automatic MP5 SD / AR-15 (22 LR)

  • Rifle: Semi-automatic AR-15 (5.56x45 mm)

  • Rifle: Semi-automatic AK-47 (7.62x39 mm)

  • Shotgun: Pump-Action Shotgun (12 GA)

  • Sniper Rifle: Remington 700 (7.62x51 mm NATO/ 308 Winchester)

We will also provide you with hearing protection, ammunition, and targets. 

Best gun shooting experience in LA

Certified Firearm Instructor

Our certified instructors came from past US Military and Police training background. We have been teaching firearm safety and training for 10+ years, and are fighting gun violence through education, training, and awareness.

Your instructor will go through a safety orientation, and step-by-step walk you through all the shooting fundamentals, techniques, and let you shoot all you want safely!


Demoing handgun grip with 3
Firearm instructor
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